Sacred Architectural Monuments Of Turkey

People come and go but what they have built live for ages. Turkey is a country where almost every civilazitions have left some remarkable building behind. two out of seven wonders were built in turkey, the temple of artemis and the mauseloeum of halicarnassus. Besides the most magnifacant greco-roman edifices, you will also have chance to see ottoman monuments which are pioneering buildings during the whole mideavel ages. this tour will also prove that building are beyond the stone and bricks, they keep a secret of human history.
Duration 13 Days
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1st Day: You will arrive to Istanbul, the biggest city of modern Turkey. We will welcome you and you will rest in the hotel.

2nd Day: We will have an extensive tour in Istanbul. Istanbul is the only city located in 2 continents which was the capital city of 3 empires. Our first visit will be to the legendary St. Sophia which was built 1,500 years ago as the first cathedral of the world. It is one of the biggest and last constructions of The Roman Empire. Following we will visit the famous Blue Mosque. After lunch we will visit Suleymaniye Mosque, which was dedicated to Istanbul by the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Overnight in Istanbul.

3rd Day: Today we will will have a Bosphorus cruise tour and you will see the beauty of Istanbul. Following we visit Topkapi Palace where the Ottoman Sultans used to rule the Empire and the Underground Cistern. In the afternoon drive around the city walls. Overnight in Istanbul.

4th Day: Today we will drive to Edirne which is on the European border of Turkey. The most popular architecture of the Ottoman time, Sinan built the biggest and the most spectacular mosque, called Selimiye Mosque in this city. This mosque is the best sample of domed-structures. After lunch we will turn back to Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul.

5th Day: Drive to Iznik (Ancient Nicea) and Bursa and visit the mosques and tombs of the Ottoman Period. Both of these cities were once the capital city of the Ottoman Empire until Istanbul was captured. Overnight in Bursa.

6th Day: We will go to the Aegean region of Turkey and visit the Acropolis at Pergamum. Pergamum is also the place where the first paper (parchment) was made and the second big church of the world was erected. (The Redcourt) Overnight in Izmir.

7th Day: Our next visit will be to Ephesus. We will have an extensive tour throughout Ephesus which was the capital city of the Roman Empire in Asia Minor. In Ephesians dedicated the huge temple to Goddess Artemis, which is the biggest temple ever built and one of the 7 world wonders. Overnight in the coastal town Kusadasi.

8th Day: Today we will make the famous PMD Tour. Our first stop will be in Priene, which is an ancient city dedicated to the Goddess Athena. Later we will drive to Miletos, which was a science and cultural centre in ancient times. After lunch we will visit Didyma, which means twins in Greek, for the God Apollo and his twin sister Artemis. The biggest temple dedicated to Apollo, was erected in Didyma. Overnight in Kusadasi.

9th Day: Drive to a natural wonder and thermal center called Pamukkale (Hierapolis Ancient City) where we will stay over night at a spa hotel. On the way to Pamukkale we will have a visit to the ancient city dedicated to the Goddess of love Aphrodite. Overnight in Pamukkale.

10th Day: Leaving Pamukkale over the famous Taurus Mountain we will drive to the Pearl of Mediterranean Coast to Antalya. On the way to Antalya we will have a visit to the fascinating ancient city to Termessos. Overnight in Antalya.

11th Day: Our first trip is to the ancient city of Perge. We will visit the well preserved ruins of the Roman Era. Later, we will travel to Aspendos where a most well preserved ancient theater is situated. After lunch we will have the chance to visit the museum optionally with no extra charge. Overnight Antalya.

12th Day: Free day in Antalya.

13th Day: Fly from Antalya to Istanbul. Back home.

  • 1 domestic flight (Antalya-Istanbul)
  • All meals during the daily tours
  • Entrance fees to the museums stated in itinerary
  • All domestic transfers by bus and boat
  • Escort by a professional guide-lecturer throughout
  • Bus with A/C
  • Lectures on Turkey, history, and culture during the journey
  • Visits and services not mentioned in program
  • International flights
  • Dinners in Istanbul
  • Travel insurance (should be done at home)
  • Personal expenses and all beverages
  • Visa
  • Tips to guide and drive

Over nights (4-5 Star hotels)

Istanbul: 4 nights
Bursa: 1 night
Izmir: 1 night
Kusadasi: 2 night
Pamukkale: 1 night
Antalya: 3 nights

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