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Turkey is considered to be the gateway between East and West, due to its historical, geographical and cultural position. Living here in Turkey we know that our country attracts the attention of the rest of the world. Our society readily uses its historical and cultural legacy to facilitate intercultural dialog. Consequently our perspective is devoted to Turkey's own historical and cultural significance, our society's secular nature means that we are always open to the study of interreligious affairs.

Turkey has the biggest area compared to the other countries in Europe. Three sides are surrounded by the sea which makes the land look like a natural peninsula.

It has a very strategic places being in the bridge between Europe and Asia and neighbors to many important locations. On the one hand and incredible diversity occurs by the Aegean, the Balkans, the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Caucasus. At the same time it is the center of the old world. It hosted the most important civilizations and the birth place of the religions.

When we consider Turkey Tours, we don’t mean one specific place or time. In Turkey Tours we invite you to explore and visit 12000 years of recorded history, many civilizations, hundreds of ancient cities, nature beauties, the centers of the oldest religions, incredible beaches, hundreds of high quality hotels high rated in the world and meet the most hospitable people in the world.

To describe our interest in interreligious dialogue and our approach to the tours that we provide, we aim to educate people about Turkey's historical background. The tours and their diversity mean that you can examine the factors influencing all of the Abrahamic religions regardless of whether you belong to any one religion or cultural group.

7 regions of Turkey have the most importance for tourism. We prepared various Turkey Tours itineraries for you including different regions and periods. Our Turkey tours also include religious tours. We have Christian Tours, Jewish Tours, Islamic Tours and Zoroastrian Tours.

Cappadocia Tours are also included in our Turkey Tours. We organize cave hotel bookings, flights, transfers, Daily Cappadocia Tours and hot air balloon rides. You can also find Anzac Tour itineraries in our website. We arrange these tours all year round 3.

As an experienced and recommended travel agent, we will do our best to answer your expectations and make your Turkey Tours a life time memory. We will arrange your hotel booking, book a professional experienced tour guide, hotel and airport transfers, and domestic flights for you. According you your duration, expectations, interests and needs we will suggest the best itinerary for you.

Magical Steps Travel has received TripAdvisor Excellence Certificate for the last 5 years. Please visit our TripAdvisor page to read the reviews we received from our customers who used our services. Customer satisfaction is our number one and our team work hard to spend your time in Turkey in the best way. We choose the best tour guides for you who are professional, well-educated and have a sense of humor.

We look forward to meeting you in Turkey.

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Turkey Tours Information

Which is the best airport in Turkey to land in first?

International Flights are mostly landing in Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. Also there is another airport in Istanbul called Sabiha Gokcen.

Are there any other International Airports in Turkey?

You can also arrive in Ankara and Izmir Airports.

How can I get my Turkish visa?

You can get it easily and quickly for 20USD at the customs at the Airports or the Ports in Turkey. If you are a cruiser, mostly the cruise companies get the visa for its cruisers.

What if my Turkey Tour doesn’t start in Istanbul?

From Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir airports there are many domestic flights to all other airports in Turkey. So you can get easily access to other airports and cities.

Should I prefer to travel by plane for my Turkey Tours?

Flying is the easiest way and is not expensive in Turkey. But you may also use high-speed trains, ferryboats and comfortable busses and vans.

How can I book my Turkey Tour?

There are various itineraries in our website including cultural tours, religious tours, combined tours, Istanbul, Ephesus and Cappadocia tours. We also customize tours for you according to your requests, needs and expectations.

How does a customized tour work?

You can make a list of the places that you wish to visit in Turkey. We will make the best itinerary and pricing for you.

What kind of services do you provide in Turkey tours?

We will provide the whole services for you including your international flight to and from Turkey, domestic flights, airport and hotel transfers, all the hotel bookings, professional tour guiding, meals, tours, entrance fees and the obligatory travel insurance. (You should get your international travel insurance at your country.)

Can I choose my hotels?

Yes, we can send a selection of hotels for you to choose or you can search on the internet and we will get the best price and book your hotels.

When is the best time for Turkey Tours?

Turkey can be visited all year round. If your aim is to travel and see many places, then we would suggest to so your Turkey tour either in spring or autumn. If you wish to swim and be close to the seaside, then the best months are May, June July, August, September and October.

If I wish to travel Turkey by cruise, which places have cruise ports?

We can provide tour services from most of the cruise ports. The most popular cruise ports are in Istanbul, Kusadasi (Ephesus), Izmir, Bodrum and Antalya. There are also ports in Dikili, Alanya, Trabzon, Samsun and Sinop.

Do I need to have Turkish Lira with me during my stay in Turkey?

No, the reason these areas are touristic places, you can make payments in USD, Euro or by Credit Card. You can also make the tour payment in USD or Euro. Also there are many ATM’s for you to easily get Turkish Lira. Your tour guide will help you with it.

Which parts of Turkey is ideal to visit in which months?

Western Seacoast of Turkey has ideal weather conditions for tourism. So the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions are suitable to visit all year round. Black Sea, Middle Anatolia and Eastern Turkey can be snowy in winter. You can visit Turkey in spring, summer and autumn.

How is the quality of the hotels in Turkey?

The capacity of the hotels is available for 50 million tourists to accommodate. Various categories of accommodation exist. There are famous world hotel brands and most of the hotels serve in high quality and listed in the top in worldwide.

How is the quality of transportation in Turkey?

In recent years sea, motorways and train transportation has developed a lot. Tunnels and bridges are built in many cities. The busses used in tourism and domestic transfers are very comfortable and new. 26 new airports were built in last 12 years and nearly every city has an airport in Turkey. There are many flight companies which provide good prices and high quality.

How is the health system and hospitals in Turkey?

Turkey has the best health system after the last reforms. Many government and private hospitals were built in recent years. Even people from the most developed countries come to Turkey to get health service. As a tourist visiting Turkey, you can always get a health service. If you have insurance you can get any kind of health services.

Do the tour guides have a certificate in Turkey?

Turkish government gives a big importance to tourism and the tourists. The most important person introducing the country is the tour guide. All the tour guides are educated and finish tour guiding branch at university. And have the certificate for the language that you will be a tour guide. It is a professional job in Turkey.

Which are the most popular destinations in Turkey?

Turkey is a cradle of civilizations and hosted many different nations because of its strategic situation and size. You will be able to see these in our Turkey tours; Ruins from Haitian, Urartian, Frig, Lydian, Asuri Colonies, Greek Civilization, Roman, Lycian, Byzantium, Seljukian and Ottoman times. The most tourist destinations in Turkey are Istanbul, Antalya, Cappadocia, Gobeklitepe, Izmir, Ephesus, Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Bergama, Gallipoli, Troy, Pamukkale and Bursa.

Why Turkey is important for the early Christianity?

Turkey is the place called Holly Land. This area is not important only for Christianity but also for the other religions. The first church ever built is in Antioch (Antakya). Turkey is where St. Paul was born and lived. His missionary journey which took 16 years was in Turkey. He stayed in Ephesus for 2 and half years. It is also known that Maria Magdalena, St Lukas, Virgin Mary and St. John (the Evangelist) died in Turkey. St John wrote the Gospel, St Luke wrote the Book of Acts and St. Paul wrote his famous letters in Turkey.

The 7 Churches that St John established and wrote in the Book of Revolution are in Turkey. They are Philadelphia, Sardis, Ephesus, Pergamum, Thyatira, Laodicea and Smyrna. Turkey is also hosted the 7 Ecumenical Council. St. Tecla, St. Basil and 2 famous St. George (father of Cappadocia) was in Turkey. There are also many symbolic historical places in Turkey such as Hagia Sophia. You can visit all of these places in your Turkey Tours.

How to shop in Turkey and how to make a payment?

You can find any kind of products in Turkey; the most modern, popular brands and traditional things in the old bazars. Grand Bazar and Spice Bazaar are very historical places in Istanbul. The most popular historical products are carpet, kelim, ceramic, clay, gold, silver and copper products. Also leather and textile are very important. Turkish deserts are very famous as well. Turkish delight with nuts are very good gift to buy for your friends.

Fashion week and shopping evets – organizations are held in Istanbul.

Turkish currency is Turkish Lira but many different currencies are accepted in Tourist destinations. You can also use your credit card.

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