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Sagalassos is a newly discovered ancient city which attracts many archeology lovers from all over the world. Since it was just discovered 30 years ago and was lost and not known by people, neither in the past and nor in the present time it was excavated or plundered. This gives archeologists the chance to explore a city which was not touched before. Sagalassos was just hidden on the Taurus Mountain, 1400m higher than the sea level, surrounded by a wonderful landscape. We will arrange your Sagalassos tours and you will have chance to visit this magnificent city by a professional tour guide. We offer Sagalassos day tours or tours with one day accommodation from any destination in Turkey. We will organize your flights, transfers, accommodation and private guided tour. We are also happy to customize your Sagalassos tour and combine it with other destinations such as Ephesus, Istanbul, Cappadocia if required. We can organize a Salalassos tour with an airplane connection to Sagalassos from Istanbul or Izmir. The closest airport to Sagalassos is in Isparta. Isparta airport is one hour from Sagalassos.

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TOUR LIST : Sagalassos Tours

Sagalassos Tour from Istanbul

What will you see in this tour?
Ancient City of Sagalassos
Sagalassos Turkey

The lost city of Sagalassos Tour

What will you see in this tour?
Sagalassos Ancient City, Salda Lake, Insuyu Cave
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