Why Private Ephesus Tours?

Why Private Ephesus Tours?

Ephesus and its surrounding are an important and determining place for human history, philosophy, art and religion. Visiting Ephesus is not only derived of walking around the old stones. Also it should not be considered as visiting an ancient City. Ephesus should be considered together with the House of the Virgin Mary, Basilica of St. John, Temple of Artemis, Selcuk Castle and Isabey Mosque. It is not possible for you to visit all of these places in one day by a public transportation and on your own. The best way to explore Ephesus is to book an organized tour and have a tour guide during your Ephesus Tours.

There are 2 different types of Ephesus Tours. One of them is organized by the cruise company and the visitors are taken to Ephesus by big busses and have one tour guide. But the explore Ephesus and get most of it in your short and precious time in the area is to book a Private Ephesus Tours. In this blog our aim is to list the reasons.


1. You can get all the details directly from the local tour agent that you contact though internet. As it is a private tour, you can choose your tour guide and customize your tour. All the information or special request can be asked to the tour company. You can even tell your agent if you are allergic to some kind of food, vegetarian, ask for gluten free food etc. for your lunch.

2. If you are handicapped, your tour company will inform you guide and your Ephesus tour will be done according to your pace and take any necessary precautions.

3. You can decide the places that you want to see and spend more time in advanced and tell tour guide. If you want to take pictures on the way to Ephesus or a place that you like, your tour guide will give a short break for you. Your guide will give you time to use the toilets.

4. You will not make anyone wait for you, or wait for someone else during the tour. In big group tours there is always a risk to get lost in the historical places and wait for the ones who are late. In a private tour this is not the case.

5. In a private Ephesus Tour your tour guide sits facing you and you can ask questions to him about the things that you wonder or miss. In a big busses with 40 seats, if is nearly impossible to ask something to your guide if you are sitting at the back seat.

6. In big groups the tour guide walks in front of the group during while visiting Ephesus and you will be trying to hear him/her by a headphone. There is no eye contact or mimic. It is a very monotone tour. On the other hand, in a private tour your tour guide is all ways together with you and also sits with you in the lunch and chat with you. You can ask him about Turkish History, Turkish culture or anything else.

7. In a small private Ephesus Tours, you can have the chance to visit the places that big groups cannot visit and meet local people.

8. You can also make changes in your itinerary during your private tour, cancel some places or add new place if time permits. Your Private Tour Guide, driver and vehicle only serves for you.

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