Best Time to Visit Ephesus

When is the Best Time to Visit Ephesus?

Ancient Ephesus is located on the Western side of Turkey in the Aegean region. There are Greek islands just across the Ancient Ephesus. The Aegean Region is both the most modern side of Turkey and has the best climate. It has clean blue beaches, many ancient cities, mountains, rivers, valleys, modern ports and fertile lands growing every kind of fruits and vegetables.

The area where Ephesus located has dry and warm summers, mild and sometimes rainy springs and autumns, short and cool winters but not cold and snowy. So you can visit Ancient Ephesus all year round. You can also visit House of the Virgin Mary, Basilica of St John, Sirince Village, Ephesus Museum, and Temple of Artemis which are near Ephesus and open every day of the week and all year round.

Ephesus visiting time is between 8.00am to 17.00 in summer time and between 8.00am to 19.00 in winter time. The best time to visit Ephesus is in spring and autumn, also beginning of summer and end of summer are goof times. If you will visit Ephesus in summer (July-August) time, we suggest you to start your Ephesus Tours early in the morning when it is cooler. Humidity is not much in Ephesus area, so you will not be sweating under shades.

Taking an umbrella in spring and winter is suggested. Please wear comfortable shoes, shorts, t-shirt, hat, sun glasses and take sun cream in spring and summer times while you are visiting Ephesus.

Approximate temperatures of Ephesus in day time:
December – January – February:  8-15 C
March – April – May: 16-25 C
June – July – August – September: 26-35 C
October – November: 20-30 C

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