Troy, Turkey

Troy, Turkey

Troy was an ancient city situated in Asia Minor, northwest of modern Turkey. It is in the south of Dardanelles/Hellespont. Troy is the side where the Trojan War happened, mentioned in the Greek Epic Cycle and Iliad, which was written by Homers.

First excavations were done by the English archeologist Frank Calvert in 1865. In 1868 the German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann continued the excavations in Troy. It is about 20 miles far from the province city Canakkale.

Archeologists today think that Homer’s Troy is the VII. settlement. The ancient side today is about 3 miles from the coast.

After Schliemann, Wilhelm Dörpfied and later Carl Belegen have done further excavations in Troy. It is found that nine cities were built on top of each other during the history and the Trojan war is thought to be happened in the 1200 BC. In March 2014 the Turkish Canakkale 18 Mart University started new champagne of excavations in Troy. The first city was established around 3.000 BC during the Bronze Age.

Troy is known as a popular touristic side visited by many tourists from all over the world. Troy is not far from Gallipoli where an important war during the WW1 happened. You can reach Troy over Istanbul by driving but also over the Dardanelles by crossing the sea by ferryboats. You can also reach Troy over Izmir on the high way.

The nine layers of Troy;

Troy I 3000–2600 BC
Troy II 2600–2250 BC
Troy III 2250–2100 BC
Troy IV 2100–1950 BC
Troy V: 20th–18th centuries BC
Troy VI: 17th–15th centuries BC
Troy VIh:  Bronze Age 14th century BC
Troy VIIa: c. 1300–1190 BC, most probably Homer's Troy
Troy VIIb1: 12th century BC
Troy VIIb2: 11th century BC
Troy VIIb3: until 950 BC
Troy VIII:  700–85 BC
Troy IX: 85 BC–AD 500

Troy is added to the World Heritage List in 1998. So it attracts many Tourists every year. Some of our Turkey Tours include a visit to Troy. We also customize tour itineraries for our visitors depending on their requests, time, interests, etc. Please visit our Turkey Tours page for our various tour programs.

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