Things to do in Kusadasi

Things to do in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is the most popular and known touristic destination in Turkey and Mediterranean. It is a very important stop for cruises which has a very big port. In Kusadasi there are things to do for everyone in different ages and interests. Here is a list of Top Things to Do in Kusadasi:

1. Visit Ancient Ephesus: Ancient Ephesus is only 20 mins driving distance to Kusadasi, which is one of the biggest and well - preserved ancient cities in the World. It is open every day of the week and visited by 2 millions of people from every nation every year. It was the capital of Roman Empire in Asia and had 250.000 populations in that period. Celsus Library, the Great Theatre, Hadrian and Domitian Temples are the most famous places to see in Ephesus. We suggest you to book an Ephesus Tours from Kusadasi with a private tour guide to get most of the history.

2. Visit House of the Virgin Mary: It is only 3 miles away from Ancient Ephesus and located on the Nightingale Mountain. It is believed that Virgin Mary lived her last years in this house which is on the top of a hill in the Nightingale Mountain. You can visit the ruins of the house. There is a Catholic Church and mass on Mondays. There is no public transportation to the House of Virgin Mary. You can either take a taxi or it will be included in your Ephesus Tours that you book and your guide will take you there.

3. Visit Ruins of Artemis Temple: Artemis Temple which is one of the Seven World Wonders is 1 mile away from Ancient Ephesus. The foundations and only one column can be visible. You can panoramically see the historical places in Selcuk from the Temple and take great pictures. It is on Kusadasi - Selcuk road. It is also included in private Ephesus Tours itineraries.

4. Visit Sirince Village: It 6 miles away from Ancient Ephesus and one of the most known villages in Turkey. It is on Izmir road. There are lovely views of mountains on the way to Sirince Village. There is public transportation to this village. It is the best place for wine lovers as there are many homemade wines made of different fruits. It is also famous with its 300 year old original houses and different kinds of fruits. Sirince is a Greek-Turkish village and there are two 200 years old Orthodox Churches, one of them is under restoration. There are many boutique hotels and restaurants in Sirince Village.

5. Visit Pigeon Island: It is the symbol of Kusadasi and there is a pirate Castle from 13th century in the island. It was not connected to the land, but a road was built in 1956. So you will be able to take a walk and take lovely pictures of Kusadasi from the Pigeon Island.

6. Visit Gazibegendi for the best views of Kusadasi: Here is the best point to view Kusadasi and take lovely pictures especially at the sunset. There is a restaurant at Gazibegendi where you can eat or drink while enjoying the panoramic views Kusadasi. There is public transportation or can take a walk from the city center.

7. Walk around the traditional shops in Kaleici: This area is the heart of Kusadasi with over 250 years of history and derived of old Greek - Turkish Houses. There are many traditional restaurants in Kaleici, souvenirs and bars. It is very enjoyable to walk in these narrow streets. There is an old Ottoman Mosque built in 1618 and a Turkish bath (Ottoman) in this area.

8. Bars Street - Nightlife: Kusadasi is also very popular with its nightlife, bars and pubs. It offers many different entertainment places to its visitors.

9. National Park (Dilek Peninsula): There are national parks in different places in Turkey. One of the National Parks in only 20 mins driving distance to Kusadasi. With its 10kms of Canyon, endemic plants, blue and clean beaches National Park is one of the number ones for nature lovers. You can take a public transportation to this place. There are a few restaurants in National Park.

10. Go Diving: Kusadasi is established on a Peninsula and there are many beaches. You can dive in some places. Reef and boot diving are possible. After a week padi course, you can get a certificate.

11. Aquaparks: There are 3 Aquaparks in Kusadasi. Two of them are very in the list of best Aqua parks in Europe and 4 miles away from Kusadasi city center. You can also watch the dolphin shows and even swim with them.

12. Go for a Safari: You can either go for a jeep or horse safari in Kusadasi. The nature in Kusadasi is very suitable for them. There are various companies organizing these safaris and even pick you up from your hotel and drop back at the end.

13. Eat at a Traditional Turkish Restaurant: You can find any kind of restaurant in Kusadasi serving different cuisines. There are traditional Turkish restaurants in the city centre. You can have Turkish Kebab, Pide, Meatballs and more. Also there many fish restaurants by the sea side.

14. Visit Pamukkale: Even Kusadasi is the nearest touristic destination to Pamukkale, it is 2,5 hours of driving away. Pamukkale travertines occurred 14.000 years ago. The hot waters in 35 Degrees is used for treatments and for this reason an ancient city was established nears Pamukkale. In Roman period Hierapolis became a famous treatment center and big pools were built. To visit Pamukkale by a public transportation is difficult and waste of time. We suggest you to book Pamukkale Tours from Kusadasi though a tour agent.

15. Visit Priene - Miletos - Didyma: There are many Ancient cities around Kusadasi except Ephesus. Priene, Miletos and Didyma Ancient Cities are 35 to 75km away from Kusadasi and generally 3 of them are visited together. For the ones who visited Ephesus before and love history and nature, this tour will be the highlight. There isn’t a public transportation directly to these ancient cities, so we suggest you to book Priene - Miletos - Didyma Tour from Kusadasi by a local tour agent.

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