Ancient city of Troy

The Year of Troy

Ministry of Turkish Culture and Tourism announced 2018 “the year of Troy”. In 2018 Troy would have been listed in the UNESCO world heritage list for 20 years. 

Many attractions will be organized and the Troy Museum that was built by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be open in 2018. The museum is built in 10.000sqm and costed 15 Million USD. 24 gold pieces which were found and stolen 125 years ago are taken back by Turkish government and will be displayed in Troy Museum. Some pieces belong to Helen of Troy. Also there will be a 3D simulation of Troy Museum. The famous actor and actresses of Troy movie (Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Diana Kruger, and Eric Bana) and the athletes of famous “Game of Troy” will be invited to the opening ceremony of Troy Museum who will attend some races. Various dance, opera and ballet shows will be organized.  

Ancient city of Troy’s history goes back to 3.000 BC. 10 different cities were established in this ancient city. Troy is located in Dardanelles, Canakkale, Turkey just opposite of Gallipoli Peninsula. As known Gallipoli has an important place in the First World War.

Troy war held between Greeks and Trojans 3.000 years before. Paris, Helene, Achilles, Hector, Europe, Agamemnon, King Priam were the famous heroes of Troy war. The famous poet Homeros depicts Troy war in Iliad and Odyssey in detail. 

Troy was excavated by German Archeologist Heinrich Schliemann 125 years ago. Schliemann’s aim was to find Helen’s treasures. The excavations were continued by Dörpfeld and Blegen. Today the excavations in Troy are still going on. These excavations are near Troy VI’s south gate (1.300 BC)


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