Goddess Artemis of Ephesus

The Goddess Artemis of Ephesus

Artemis of Ephesus is virgin, woman and mother. There 3 reasons make Artemis very respectful and famous. It was influenced by the Eastern regions. She easily spread out to the West from the Aegean Coast by the Greeks and Romans. It has many God and Goddess in herself. 

Artemis of Ephesus symbolizes main Mother Goddess with a different fertility and abundance in Greek and Latin Mythologies. She doesn’t carry a bow. These are how she was mentioned the inspection in her temple:

"The Almighty of Nature"
"Our Lady of"
"The Most Great"
"Manager of Religious Feast"
"Protector of the Callings"
"The Most Holy One"
"First Instructor"
"Manager of All Ionian"

Homers: “The Goddess of Wild Animals” and Horace says “The queen of silence; Moon” about her.

All the nature was as if under the influence of Goddess Artemis. Artemis is the leader of the earth to give flowers and fruit. She governs the elements, governs the air, the earth and the sea and controls. She tames the wild animals, and protects the tame. Sometimes forgiving, sometimes giving death. She helps with the births.

According to Greek mythology, the Olympian Zeus transforms the Titan's daughter LETO into a quail with him and makes love with her after that. Artemis and his brother Apollon were born after this in a place called Ortygia. The curators dace with their weapons in order to conceal the birth of Artemis and Apollo from the jealous of Hera. Artemis helps her mother as soon as she was born. The Ionians, and especially the Ephesians, were proudly saying that Artemis and Apollon were born very close to Ephesus in ORTYGIA. Ephesians made festivals every year in this cave.

Leto is a Moon goddess; in Lycia, Syria and Palestine it is known as LAT. Leto, or Leda means women in Lycian language (lady). So the mother Leto and daughter Artemis are the same.


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