Terrace Houses

Terrace Houses

Ancient Ephesus is one of the biggest and most important ancient cities in the World. Not only because of its very important role in the history and famous people but also its being very big and well restored makes it very attractive for the visitors. One of the most visited places is the Terrace Houses in Ephesus (slope houses or houses of reach). We learn the way of living in Ephesus especially in Roman time about 2000 years ago.

It is known that there are more Terrace Houses underground and only 2 big blogs are excavated and one of them is fully restored. The excavations of this part was started in 1960 and finished in 1985. The monuments found here are being displayed in Ephesus Museum. But the excavated frescos and mosaics were getting damaged by the weather conditions. So to protect them the bigger Terrace Houses block 2 with 4.000sqm was covered successfully. It is possible to visit these Terrace Houses in Ephesus since 2002. There are very modern walking areas and stairs made by glass. In this was every part of the Terrace Houses can be easily seen. The smaller Terrace Houses( block 1) with 3.000sqm is not restored yet. There are 6 different 3 floor houses in this area.

In block 2 which is the covered one has 3 floor houses in 7 different size owned by wealthy people. These Houses are located on the Curetes Street (Emboles) in Ancient Ephesus City. There is a separate entrance and tickets for Terrace Houses. It can be visited in about 20 or 30mins and not suggested for the ones who have walking difficulties. It is possible to see gorgeous mosaics and frescoes in these 7 Terrace Houses. Generally there is an atrium (court) in the middle of the houses. There are underground heating, kitchens, baths, bedrooms, storages, cult rooms, basilicas and even workshops in These Houses. It is known that wealth people lived in These Houses in Roman and Byzantium times between the 1st AD and the 7th AD. After a while the owner of the houses has changed and the houses were modified.

The best way to visit the Terrace Houses is by a private Ephesus Tours or a small group. It is not possible for a tour guide to show you the Terrace Houses in a big group tours. If you are visiting Ephesus while booking your private Ephesus Tours by Magical Steps Tours, don’t forget to add Terrace Houses in your itinerary. It is worthwhile to see it and only 10USD extra fee per person.

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