Domitian Fountain

Restoration of Domitian Fountain in Ephesus

Static problems were detected in the studies carried out on the Domitian fountain in Ephesus in 2015. Conservation works will be carried out especially in the static sense and works to strengthen the structure.

While the work on the status of the building was made, the remains from antique period and the restoration made in 1960 were taken into consideration. Damages on structural basis and deterioration of masonry caused damages on walls and apse. In addition to this, the concrete pillars erected during the restoration and the arches cause serious problems. The iron ratio in the concrete columns and the open joint problems seen in the marble blocks in the arch have jeopardized the entire fountain building in a static way. 

The main purpose of the restoration is to strengthen the steel, to close the open joints and to strengthen the walls of the apse. An iron scaffold was installed in the fountain in order to determine the situation and to strengthen it.

During the first restoration campaign, detailed determinations were made for the statics and this was the basis for the restoration process. Samples were taken from the masonry materials and marbles for testing. Carbon tests were carried out. The water absorption capacity of the concrete and in which parts of the iron decreased. In the next stage, the wall and marble and concrete in the apse will be fixed.

One of the objectives is to preserve the original masonry material and strengthen it if necessary.
By doing a dry cleaning in this section, the structure is saved from long plants, soil and dirt.
The masonry material is reinforced by the injection method if necessary. The first fixation was initiated from the upper part of the apse.

The new masonry material was made in accordance with the original material according to the structure, color and technique. This is done as much as possible to make the improvement of rain water is provided. The second aim is to strengthen the marble and concretes. The building materials will be realized by the consolidated methods. Static investigations will be aimed at protecting the structure structure.

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