Famous People of Ephesus

Famous People of Ephesus

Ephesus established thousands of years before and still existing, was subject of a lot of legends, was a capital for some period, hosted the world’s largest Temple (Temple of Artemis) and of course we should not forget the important people who caused this power.

For sure the most important one of them is the famous Philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus who lived in 7BC. His famous verse is "No one can wash his feet twice in the same river". Soranus of Ephesus is a very famous Musician, lived in Roman period. Rufus of Ephesus is also famous as an eye doctor. We shouldn’t forget Zenodotus of Ephesus, lived in 3BC, who was the first editor criticized Homer’s work and was the first superintend of Library of Alexandria.

Nonetheless there are very famous Christian people who came and settled in Ephesus such as House of the Virgin Mary, Maria Magdalena, St. John, St. Paul, St. Lucas, St. Timothy and more…

Your Ephesus Tour guide will give you a lot of information about these famous people of Ephesus in your private Ephesus Tours. In our Ephesus Tours you will have chance to learn about these important people who effected social, economic and religious life in Ephesus. Ephesus is more than ancient stone; it captures the ancient life to its visitors. Your tour guide will give you all these information and will answer all of your questions.

You will have chance to see the houses, shopping centres, meeting places, public toilets, temples and entertainment centers of the people who lived in that period. We will arrange a private tour guide and a driver for you during your Ephesus Tours. Ephesus Tours from Kusadasi and Izmir are available. Your tour guide will pick you up from Kusadasi or Izmir port/hotel and drop you back to port at the end of the tour. If you are in Istanbul, we can also provide Ephesus Tours from Istanbul for you.

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