Ephesus Tours from Istanbul

Ephesus Tours from Istanbul is one of the best attractions that you can do during your stay in Istanbul, Turkey. The ancient city of Ephesus is a popular place which has been excavated for 150 years, is a city that shows visitors the life in ancient times. Today excavations are being carried out in 150 different ancient cities in Turkey. At Ephesus, the Turkish and international teams under the auspices of Austria carry out very detailed excavation, preservation, restoration and renovation.

Ephesus, located in Turkey's Aegean Region, can be reached by road in 20 minutes from Kusadasi where cruise ships dock. It can also be reached by a 1-hour drive from the big city of Izmir. Izmir International Airport is just 45 minutes from Ephesus. There are flights from Istanbul to Izmir every hour. In other words, if you have been to Istanbul for a business trip or a short stay or if you are spending your holiday in Istanbul, you have the chance to visit the ancient city of Ephesus in the same day. There are flights from Istanbul to Izmir every hour from different airplane companies. You can be in Ephesus with a journey of 45 minutes after landing in Izmir. You can visit the ancient city of Ephesus, the House of Virgin Mary, St. John's Basilica and the Temple of Artemis. 

During your Ephesus Tours you will have chance to visit the amphitheater, the Celsus Library, the Terrace Houses, the Temples of Hadrian and Domitian, the Roman Baths, the Odeon, the Bouleterion, the Prytaneonu, the fountains of the Roman period with your Ephesus Tour Guide.

We will customize Ephesus Tours from Istanbul according to your request. We arrange you flight tickets from Istanbul to Izmir and return. Also your private airport transfers are organized by us. You will be welcomed by your professional licensed Ephesus Tour guide at Izmir airport arrivals terminal and transferred to Ancient Ephesus for your Ephesus tour. After you finish your tour you will be transferred back to Izmir airport for your Istanbul flight. We can also choose to stay one night in Izmir or Kusadasi and preferably take a Pamukkale or Pergamum tour on the second day. Our team will suggest you the best tour itinerary for you. 

We look forward to meeting you!  

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