Ephesus Tours - FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions

Ephesus Tours - FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the nearest port to Ancient Ephesus?

Kusadasi port is the neaest one. It is a modern port where the biggest cruises can dock. Ephesus Ruins and the House of the Virgin Mary is only 20min drive from Kusadasi Port. Izmir port is also close to Ancient Ephesus and you will reach there after 1 hour driving. We provide Ephesus Tours both from Kusadasi port and Izmir port.

2. How can I get my visa?

Usually your cruise company gets your visa for you. If not, you can get it easily and quickly for 20USD at the customs in Kusadasi Port, Turkey.

3. How will I meet my Ephesus Tour guide?

When you get out of Kusadasi port , you will see tour guides holding signs on the right hand side. Your private Ephesus guide will be holding a sign with your name on it. We ensure that you won’t miss your tour guide. Our guides arrive to Kusadasi port minimum 15mins before your pick up time stated on your booking document and wait for you until you get out of the port. We would expect you to call our office if you will be 15mins later than your pick up time. If your cruise arrives to Kusadasi port later that the schedule, our guide will definitely wait for you until you get of your cruise.

4. How to find your van or mini-bus?

After you meet your Ephesus Tour guide, in a 2 mins of walk you will meet your private driver and get on your private, luxurious, A/C, clean and non-smoking van. You will be the only ones during the tour. Your private driver and tour guide will be with you all day during your Ephesus Tour.

5. Will there be any others (clients) in the vehicle?

No, you will be the only ones in the van or mini-bus because it is a fully private tour.

6. Can I add other visitors in my Ephesus Tour?

Yes, you can add more people to your Ephesus Tour by emailing us. Per person price will reduce gradually depending on the amount of the visitors. Additional visitors can be added to your tour until 2 days prior to your Ephesus Tour date.

7. What should I take with me, what kind of cloths should I wear during my Ephesus Tour?

We suggest you to wear comfortable shoes. There is about 2miles of walk in your Ephesus Tour. The advantage is you start the tour from the upper gate of Ephesus and finish at the lower gate. There is a gentle slope and you will be going down and it is a one way walk. If you are visiting Ephesus in summer time, you could take sun cream, sun glasses, shorts and t-shirts and a hat to protect your face from the sun. We provide water during the Ephesus Tours, but still it is good to take a bottle of water with you. The weather is still warm in autumn or spring but it is good to take an umbrella just in case it rains.


8. How can a wheelchair user visit Ephesus?

It is possible and safe a wheelchair user to visit Ephesus and House of the Virgin Mary. But terrace houses are not possible to visit because there are many steps. Our guide will adjust the tour pace according to your mobility, which is one of the best things of a private tour. Please let us know if you and one of the visitors in your group is disabled or using a walker or a wheelchair at the time of booking.

9. How will I get my Ephesus entrance tickets? Will I wait on the queue?

Entrance fees and parking are included in the price in all of our Ephesus Tours. Most of the entrance tickets to the places that you will visit will be ready with your tour guide in advanced and give you in front of the entrance gates. In some places our guide will pay for the tickets at the entrance gates and quickly get for you and you will avoid the queues.

10. Will our guide show everything in Ephesus?

Yes, there are 3 main roads in Ephesus and all the ruins are on these roads such as the Theater, Celsus Library, Odeon, Hadrian Temple, etc. You will see all of them during your Ephesus Tours.

11. Will our guide give us time to take pictures?

After your tour guide will give information on each ruin and then give you time to take pictures. Your guide will give longer free time in some of the important spots in Ephesus and also take your pictures if you ask him/her.


12. Can I add Terrace Houses in my Ephesus Tour itinerary?

Terrace Houses is worth to see if you don’t have any walking disability and able to climb steps. It is located in the Ancient Ephesus and our guide can take you to the Terrace Houses if you ask for. It takes about 20 - 30mins to visit Terrace House and has a separate entrance and fee. It is only 10USD per person. You can easily add Terrace Houses in your Ephesus Tour at the time of booking or email us about your request. We will make sure your guide has the Terrace Houses entrance tickets ready on your tour date.

13. How long does it take to tour in Ancient Ephesus?

It totally depends on you and docking and leaving times of your cruise ship. Generally a tour in Ancient Ephesus Page takes 2 - 3 hours. It is related to your interest and the crow in Ephesus. You can ask to your guide take make your tour longer or shorter as it is a Private Ephesus Tour.

14. How long does an Ephesus Tour take?

We have various tour options for you in different durations. You can either book one of our Half Day Ephesus Tours or Full Day Ephesus Tours. A half day Ephesus Tour takes about 5 - 6 hours and a Full Day Ephesus Tours takes about 7 - 8 hours. We can also customize a tour according to your request and make it longer or shorter.


15. Do our Ephesus Tours consist of only Ancient Ephesus?

Ancient Ephesus Side is located in a town called Selcuk. The House of the Virgin Mary Page, Basilica of St. John PageSirince Village PageIsabey Mosque Page, Ruins of Temple of Artemis, Selcuk Castle, Ephesus-Selcuk Museum, Seven Sleepers Cave are all located nearby Ancient Ephesus Side. Our Ephesus Tours consist of a selection of these places. You can choose the best itinerary for your according to your interest, needs and time.


16. Are there toilets in Ephesus? Can I get water in Ephesus?

There are toilets at the entrance and exit of Ephesus. The ones at the exit are free. There are places to buy water at the entrance and exit of Ephesus. But there are no toilets or water sellers in the Ancient Ephesus.


17. Where will the lunch be? What is the menu? Is it included in the price?

As a local travel agent we wish you to taste traditional Turkish food. There is a village called Acarlar in a 5 mins driving distance to Ancient Ephesus and there is a nice and peaceful restaurant surrounded by lovely fruits trees, serves delicious traditional Turkish food. Private tour groups and local people eat in this place and big groups in busses don’t stop to eat. You will have starters, BBQ and Season Fruits for lunch. You tour guide will also join you and give information about the village. Lunch is included in the price; you only pay for the beverages. If you are vegetarian or have food allergy, please let us know at the time of book.

18. Are there any hidden costs?

We guarantee that there are no hidden costs in any of our Tours. Entrance fees to the sites and places stated in the itinerary, private guiding, Kusadasi Port/Hotel transfers, lunch, parking, Gas, local tax are included in the price. Only beverages during the tour and lunch, also tips to your guide and driver are not included in the price.

19. Are your Tour guides licensed?

In Turkey it is defiantly forbidden to guide without a license. All of our guides have fluent English and professional tour guides. All of our tour guides have great reviews. Read for our Ephesus Tours Reviews and Reviews On TripAdvisor.


20. Can I choose my Ephesus Tour guide?

Yes, if you let us know about your preference and if that guide is available for your tour date, we can arrange him/her for you.


21. Would I be guaranteed to be back to my ship before departure time?

Yes, we guarantee that you will be dropped back to port the latest 1 hour before your ship departure time. If you book a half day Ephesus Tour, the tour finishes earlier, but a full day Ephesus Tour takes longer. But you will be at the port 1 hour before your departure time. Also there is no high traffic in Ephesus and Kusadasi areas.


22. What are the advantages of a private tour compared to cruise tours?

First of all you will be guided by a local guide who knows the area very well. In a private tour you will have the change to customize the tour according to your interests and request. You can ask many questions to your guide and have time to take lovely pictures during the tour. You don’t need to bother missing the bus. You don’t need to wait for others. You will have lunch is a quiet and peaceful place instead of a crowed restaurant together with a group of people. Your private driver will be ready for you during your Ephesus Tour. You will see the places those are missed in a group tour. In addition our Ephesus Tours are all exclusive and the prices are very reasonable.


23. Do I need to have Turkish Lira with me or change money?

No, the reason this area is a touristic place, you can make payments in USD, Euro or by Credit Card. You can also make the tour payment in USD or Euro. Also there are many ATM’s for you to easily get Turkish Lira, if you wish. Your tour guide will help you with it.


24. Where will we be dropped at the end of the tour? How much to tip the guide and driver?

At the end of your Ephesus Tour, your tour guide and driver will drop you back to Kusadasi port. There is no obligation to tip the guide and driver. If you wish you can tip, if you are happy with the service.


25. Where can I shop? Is shopping included in the tour?

There are various tourist shops around Kusadasi port and Ephesus areas. Your guide will suggest you shopping places if you ask. Especially around Ephesus there are many production centrums and outlets. If you require, your guide will take you to those places. Shopping is not included in our tours unless you ask for it.


26. Are Kusadasi and Ephesus areas safe?

Criminality is very low in Turkey. Especially in Kusadasi and Ephesus areas are modern touristy places that are visited by millions of people for many years. Kusadasi is a city, open 7/24 and people can walk around at night in a comfort.


27. Are there Wi-Fi, Healthcare, camera charger, etc?

Most of the cafes and restaurants in Kusadasi and Ephesus areas provide Wi-Fi. If you need any medicine, please ask you’re your to take you a pharmacy. Your guide will help you with it. If you feel sick or ill, our guide can take you to a hospital or back to Kusadasi port immediately. Your guide will help you for getting the required equipment for your camera. There are many techno shops in Kusadasi.


28. What if my ship doesn’t dock at the port? What is the cancellation policy?

If your ships doesn’t dock in the port for any reason, of course this is not your responsibility. If you paid in advanced, the whole payment will be refunded. Please also read our Terms&Conditions for more information. 
If you cancel your tour 3 days prior to your tour date, there will be no charge. Full amount of the tour price is charged in a last minute cancellation. Because we will book a guide, driver and a private vehicle for you in advanced. So we require you to inform us about your cancellation request as an email 3 days before your Ephesus Tour date.


29. What happens if my cruise change the route, arrive the port earlier or later than the schedule?

Sometimes the cruises arrive to the port one day before of later than the schedule according to the weather conditions. We are prepared to these situations a tour agent. Your Ephesus Tour will definitely provided. But sometimes, we are informed about these situations in a last minute. So please email, text or call us for inform us for just incase.


30. How can I book my Ephesus Tour?

You can either book your tour by sending an email to us with your booking request or fill in the booking form on the Ephesus Tour that you wish to book.


31. Do I need to pay advanced for my Ephesus Tour?

No, you can pay cash to our guide on arrival to Ephesus in USD, Euros or Turkish Lira at the end of the tour. But if you wish to pay by Credit Card, you can do it at the time of booking. You will not be able to pay by Credit Card on the Tour date.

Do you need to book an Ephesus Tour from Kusadasi Port, Izmir Port or Istanbul? Please visit our Ephesus Tours Page page for our various tours.

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