Ephesus and Its Main Streets

Ephesus and Its Main Streets

Ephesus which is the biggest ancient side in Turkey and one of the biggest in the world, only 10% of the city was uncovered and restored since 1866.

Up to now three main streets are uncovered. They are also many side streets, which is a proof that Ephesus were built after the Hippodromes street system. The first main street was called as the ancient Embolus, which is named today by the archeologists after Curetores, who were priests in temple of Artemis. So the Curetes Street connected the gate of Hercules with the famous Celsus Library. The Curetes Street is at the residential part of Ephesus, were shops, sidewalks and Terrace houses took place. On this street the temple of Hadrian, the fountain of Trajan, the Scholastic Bath, the Octagon and Latrines were built.

The second main street is called the Marble Street which starts with the library and reached the great Amphitheatre. The third and last main street was called Arcadian or Harbour Street. It was called Arcadian, because Arcadius the East Roman Emperor restored this street. These main streets lead directly to harbour of Ephesus. From the amphitheater to the port was just 530 meters far. They were shops along the street and covered by columned galleries on both sides for pedestrians.

On the right-hand side of the street there was a big high school named by the Gymnasium at the Theatre. The Harbour Street was the widest one, since it was the promenade. People and goods were entering Ephesus from this harbour. The Arcadius Street was also known that it was lighted at nights, that’s why they put torches on the columns.

All three streets were built with strong marble slabs. The sidewalks were all paved with mosaic stones and motives, showing such a wonderful craftsmanship. Today you can walk on all these nice ancient main streets of Ephesus.

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