Cappadocia Tours

Cappadocia Tours

One of the most attractive tourist destinations in Turkey is the middle Anatolia. It is Cappadocia which means beautiful horses in Persian, has a unique nature and historical atmosphere.

Cappadocia is not a name of a city, but an area. This area is in the center of 4 cities. One of the cities located in the Cappadocia area is Aksaray. Ihlara Valley is in Aksaray at is worthwhile to visit and is one of the beauties that you can visit in Cappadocia. It is 40km from Aksaray. Lavas of the Volcanic Mountain Hasan was abraded by Melendiz river and Ihlara Valley was formed. Melendiz River was called Potamus Kapadukusudur in old times.

Ihlara Valley is 14 km long. The highest point is over 100 meters. It is a great experience to walk thought the green areas along the Melendiz River. This area was home to many civilizations for 700 years. There are many churches from Byzantium time which belong to the 10th and 13th century and you will see many precious icons in these churches. The names of the churches are: Direkli Church, Pürenli, Seki Church, Saint Georges, Karanlık Church, Sümbüllü Church, Ala Church, Çanli Church and Karagedik Church.

At the end of the walk though the valley, you will reach to Belisırma Village where you will have chance to taste local food in the traditional restaurants. Also Famous Cappadocia father Gregarious is from Ihlara Valley.

We advise you to add Cappadocia Tours in your bucket list and you will need at least 3 days to explore Cappadocia. You can easily reach Cappadocia by plane from Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir. We can also arrange you Cappadocia tours including flight, transfers, accommodation and tour guide. You can find more information about our services in our Cappadocia Tours page.

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