Around Kusadasi and Izmir

Church of Laodicea, Turkey Church of Laodicea

The ancient city of Laodicea, located in the Aegean region of Western Turkey, is a very important ancient city. It is only a 15-minute drive from the more known Pamukkale-Hierapolis area.

Latmos The Artists of Latmos, Bafa Lake

The fate of Lake Bafa and the Mountains of Latmos (Beşparmak Mountains) changed when the German archaeologist Anneliese Peschlow came here in 1971. After many discoveries in the ancient city of Heraklia, she pursues drawings in which peasants talk about her in rough and inaccessible terrain on the banks of ancient stone paved roads. 

Izmir, Turkey Izmir, Turkey

Izmir is the third biggest city in Turkey and the biggest one at the Aegean Region. It has about 4 Million population. Izmir is an important touristic, industrial and cultural place. Izmir is known as Smyrna in the history. Probably it got its name from an Amazon Queen named Smyrna. The origin of this name is Anatolia. It is known that Ionians called Izmir, Smurna. Smyrna was an Aeolic city.

Pergamum, Turkey Pergamum, Turkey

The ruins of a very important ancient settlement named Pergamum are just one hour driving distance from the famous modern city Izmir, Turkey. Today Pergamum is a very cute, nice and a traditional city named Bergama at the Aegean Region of Turkey.

Hippodamus of Miletus Hippodamus of Miletus

Hippodamus of Miletus is the leader and most famous city planner. Aristoteles is the best resource for us to learn about him. Aristoteles says these about him "long haired, extraordinary personality and has ideas about the ideal city". He had specially planed Athens (Piraeus).

The 41st FEBS CONGRESS 2016 will be arranged in Kusadasi / Ephesus, Turkey The 41st FEBS CONGRESS 2016 will be arranged in Kusadasi / Ephesus, Turkey

The 41st FEBS Congress with a theme of "MOLECULAR and SYSTEMS BIOLOGY for a BETTER LIFE" will be organized between 3rd and 8th September 2016 in Ephesus Convention Center, Kusadasi / Ephesus, Turkey.

Ephesus Convention Center Ephesus Convention Center

Kusadasi/Ephesus region is of the most important and popular tourist destinations in Turkey. Because of its big cruise port, being very close to Ruins of Ancient Ephesus and House of the Virgin Mary, its modern marina, great long sandy beaches, many high quality hotels, water parks and being only 45mins driving away from modern city Izmir; Kusadasi/Ephesus is in a very important location.

Seven Churches of Revelation Seven Churches of Revelation

Turkey is the cradle of many civilizations, hosts a lot of ancient cities and is cradle of the whole religions. Turkey, Asia Minor or Anatolia has a very important role for the early Christianity. For sure Seven Churches is the most important of them which is stated in the Book of Revelation.

Top Attractions to do in Kusadasi Port Top Attractions to do in Kusadasi Port

Kusadasi Port (Ephesus) is the second frequently visited cruise port in Turkey after Istanbul. Approximately 500 cruises dock in Kusadasi port and about 700.000 cruisers visit Kusadasi/Ephesus every year. There are 3 reasons for the cruises call in Kusadasi port.

Things to do in Kusadasi Things to do in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is the most popular and known touristic destination in Turkey and Mediterranean. It is a very important stop for cruises which has a very big port. In Kusadasi there are things to do for everyone in different ages and interests. Here is a list of Top Things to Do in Kusadasi.

Ephesus Port Turkey (Kusadasi) Ephesus Port Turkey (Kusadasi)

Ephesus Port, the real name is Kusadasi Port, has been visited by hundreds of cruises for years.  It is the second frequently visited port in Turkey after Istanbul. Ancient Ephesus City is only 12 miles way from Ephesus/Kusadasi port and is a very modern and nice port.

New Cruises Will Visit Kusadasi/Ephesus Port in 2016 New Cruises Will Visit Kusadasi/Ephesus Port in 2016

Nearly 500 transatlantic cruises dock in Kusadasi/Ephesus port ever year. Kusadasi has both such a nice port and is a lovely city. It is only 20mins drive to Ephesus, House of the Virgin Mary, Sirince Village and Basilica of St. John.

Sirince Village (Ephesus) Sirince Village (Ephesus)

Sirince is a very old village, believed by many to have been originally settled by former inhabitants of Ephesus seeking a healthy environment away from the malarial swamps which surrounded their city, and indeed it was sometimes referred to as "Ephesus on the Hill".

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