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Love at First Sight

Turkey was love at first sight for me. I bought our house on my third day of my first visit to the country in 2003 and for the next five years we spent as much time here as we could. In 2008 we took early retirement and moved out here permanently. People often ask, '' Don't you get bored?'' - but that is impossible. Turkey is a huge country full of variety in climate, scenery, customs, culture, architecture and cuisine. One thing however is the same wherever you go - the friendliness and hospitality of the people. In addition Ann has taken up new hobbies: scuba diving, felt-making, acrylic painting and darts - also we have both qualified to pilot boats and are busy restoring one.
Turkey for Good Health Turkey for Good Health

People visit Turkey for many reasons. Some are obvious such as the weather, beaches, hospitality, food, scenery, history and culture; others, such as skiing, boating, scuba diving, hang gliding, parasailing, walking and cycling, are less well-known.

Getting Around in Turkey Getting Around in Turkey

Private car ownership in Turkey is much lower than in many other advanced countries. Whether this is because of or the reason for its highly developed public transport system, I don't know. Turkey is a big country: the distance from İstanbul to the Syrian border is greater than that from London to Berlin, but no journey is more than around 90 minutes' flying time from İstanbul and there are many domestic airlines competing for customers by providing frequent flights between the major cities, making flying a very inexpensive form of long distance travel.

Taxi in Turkey Taxi in Turkey

Wherever we go in the world, travellers are warned not to trust taxi drivers. They'll take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the currency, take you a very long route, take you places to earn commission, set the meter permanently at peak rate. They may even physically assault you and rob you.

Aegean Springtime Turkey Aegean Springtime Turkey

I love all the seasons in our home on the Aegean coast of Turkey, for they each have a special character and appeal of their own, but of them all I love the spring the most.

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