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It is still a mystery whether Amazons are a myth or real. But the historian Heredot and Geographer Strabo mentions about Amazons. Amazons are seen in myths, architectures, ceramic culture and sculptures in the ancient times. 

It is believed that Amazons are from Caucasian origin or they came from Caucasian. These are the women of a nation whose men had been destroyed by the enemies and forced to migrate. But since this nation was raised as a warrior both men and women, women stayed together and knew how to defend themselves. Sinope is the first city they established. It is also said that they lived in Cappadocia. They established many cities. Ephesus and Izmir were the most important cities that they established. In order to solve the population problems, they meet with the men of other nations once a year and copulate. They returned the boy babies to them to their dads and they keep the daughters for themselves. This was the way to protect their population. They were very good at horse riding and archery. They built the first temples for the Goddess’.

The name of the Amazon Queen who established Izmir was called Esmira, and the name of the queen that established Ephesus was called Ephesia. The city of Ephesus was called "The City of the Honey-bee" because of the Amazons. Amazons were derived of a queen and female citizens such as a beehive. We see on many antique coins found in Ephesus having Artemis Goddess picture on one side and a honey-bee on the other side. 

Ephesus and Smyrna were the first founders of the Amazons. They probably reigned from 3000 BC to 1000 BC, and later they were erased from the stage of history.

The oldest Goddess Cybele which was as old as Anatolia (8.000 years) and Artemis in Ephesus had an important place in Amazon Culture. Maybe the Goddess in Anatolia gained importance with the influence of Amazons. 

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